Welcome to Monster Truck Promotions Australia, Australia’s largest outdoor family entertainment company, the true home of Monster trucks here in Australia.

Clive Featherby the owner of this all Australian company has been actively involved in monster truck activities not only here but World Wide for the past twelve years, owning up to twelve monster trucks at one stage. In his busy Australian career, Clive now has five top line trucks here in Australia and access to a further twelve in a business he partners with Paul Shafer Motorsports, out of Westville Indiana in the USA.

Monster truck promotions Australia's flagship monster truck always has been and always will be the world famous Australian Champion monster truck, OUTBACK THUNDA, known as the Horse with Attitude. In 2011 the yellow and red monster won three of the four final shows of the USA season, making history as the first ever Australian team to take on the might of the USA.

Here at Monster Truck Promotions Australia we have the very best Monster trucks available for Show Society, Festivals, Speedway, Movie events and School Fetes. You name the event, we have the monster truck just for your event and we have some of the world’s best drivers and crews to back this up.

And if that is not enough, we have great support attractions such as Jet Quads, Roll over trucks, Fireworks shows and Stunt Acts. The list is endless. We can offer you the very best with one simple phone call.

Along with all of this we have great PR teams and website specialists to assist with all media for your shows. We ensure that we offer you the absolute best monster package at unbeatable prices.

All insurance permits, safety managements and risk assessments are also provided by our well trained team, what more could you ask for?

So if it’s high octane Monster Truck action you are wanting for your next night of a lifetime, don’t risk it to beginners with fancy advertising.

We have over one THOUSAND shows to our name and are going strong.

As the saying goes, we are ‘SIMPLY THE BEST’!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Clive and the team

Monster Truck Promotions Australia