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The Featherby Boys were back together today for a play with their big toys.

This was for the shoot for Totally Wild at the Brisbane International Speedway. Catch they story on an upcoming episode of Totally Wild in the near future.

Wow haven't they grown.

Melbourne 4x4 Off Road expo

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Monster truck Promotions Australia just NEVER stop straight after Bundy they were on the road with troy Garcia at the wheel of the trusty old Scania heading for Melbourne showgrounds

Almost 2000 kilometres later from Bundy to Melbourne troy arrives on Wednesday night in preparation for the three day expo that would see Thunda and Tassie devil alternatively perform three mini monster truck show per day and joining them the ever popular Syco Sam

Day one was a cold blustery affair but all went well, the next two days saw larger crowds and on Sunday troy take over the driving duties from Clive who had to leave early Sunday morning China bound for a few days


All in all the trucks performed without a hitch and now its back to the gold Coast for a BIG GIVE /Child Vision media day this Wednesday and then the return of Billy and Jaye featherby along with Pat and dad Clive for a filming an episode of the hit Kids TV show TOTALLY WILD at Brisbane International speedway on Friday morning with Clive heading straight from the airport from China to be part of the Thunda and Featherby family shoot



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It is being hailed as one of the biggest family motorsports events to ever come to Bundaberg if not Wide Bays BIGGEST

Last Saturday over 8000 people converged on the Carina speedway that had been closed for almost a decade

At one stage unfortunately there was a traffic jam of over 7.5 kilometre long trying to get into the venue and it was a fault of gate staff or officials holding them up ,just a tone point all these High octane fans decide on a time to head to Carina Speedway and this was the result

Action got underway 20 minutes late to cater for the crowd and what a afternoon they had , Monster trucks Outback Thunda , Spot Tassie Devil and the debut of the Pink machine LIL miss thunda exploded into the third of a mile arena under a massive volley of daytime Pyro

Four of the states Leading FMX riders put on a fantastic show with backflip after backflip Demolition derby,Crane drops,Syco Sam the upside down roll over truck ,mind blowing car stunts motor bikes speedway demonstrations made sure that this afternoon had something for everyone

The trucks ran awesome in Skywheelies a racing display and brilliant Freestyle

And just when the fans thought they were ready for hometime a mind blowing fireworks spectacular by far the biggest ever in the entire district exploded lighting up the night sky along with a 200 projectile finale that could be clearly heard over ten kilometres away  

It was certainly a all-round great family night enjoyed by all


We thank Peter and his team the new promoters of the forthcoming speedway evetns at Carina Bundaberg for allowing us the chance to bring our show back to Bundaberg and hope to see you all again in a couple of years,now its time to gear up for Mackay Stadium that will present a mega monster on Saturday September 26 from 4pm


Bundaberg's Carina Speedway Lights Up AGAIN

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Bundaberg's Carina Speedway is once again opening it's gates on the 15th August.

The Opening for this great track will be one of Thrills and Spills from the greatest of Aussie Monster Trucks.

Not one but two Outback Thunda's, a Little Miss Thunda will be lined up along side the Mr Altitude and Junior Thunda.  So a whole family of Thunda's will be performing.

Freestyle Motocross, Fireworks and Stunt acts will be rounding out the night along with the other monster's of the MTPA stable.

Tickets can be bought online from our website or you can purchase for cash from Autobarn Bundaberg on 25 Commercial Street.

Come and join us for the most anticipated night of Action Carina has been waiting for.

15th August gates open at 2:30pm.

Action starts at 3:30pm

Night will conclude at around 6pm.

Charters Towers Monster Annual Show

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Well MTPA will be back in action this Monday and Tuesday nights at the annual Charters Towers show.

The over popular Spot the Dog and the monster on a Mission Tassie Devil will both be in high flying action both nights of the Towers show located 128 kilometres from tropical Townsville along with the hilarious upside down roll over truck Syco Sam that is taking North Qld by storm in its first ever appearances here in North Qld.

Clive Featherby will driver Tassie Devil and says he is thrilled to be appearing at the Towers show that will also have great support programme organised by Clive including the ever popular Steel Wall car stunt, the Human Inferno Fire Wall Car stunt, Mini Bikes a Tug O war towing the monster trucks between two local clubs and ending up each night with a spectacular Fireworks Display.

So if you live in the North make sure you don’t miss this great Monster truck Promotions Australia, night time presentation at the Charters Towers Annual Show.