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Outback Thunda

Outback thunda originated in the year 2003 following two years of being a Bronco Horse for a Brisbane based Rugby League team the Brisbane Broncos.

At its Birth in the year 2000 this horse shaped body was known as Bronco Magic and was a very dark brown colour.

After travelling to the USA to promote a number of shows on the east coast Clive Featherby decided it was always in his thinking to take this truck further afield and hopefully one day even venture to the big world of America hence a more overall Aussie name was needed and something with the outback in it,at the time Thunderstruck was playing everywhere so Clive thought one day Outback Thunda would be a cool name and from there a Australian monster truck star was born.

Next the brown colour had to go it didn't suit night time shows the truck was lost in the dark, it didn't appeal to the kids so again the outback is red and bright so again Clive decided it would take away from the Horse theme but the colours would certainly signify the Outback and would make the truck show friendly and Kid friendly and it has, Thunda is now the most popular truck across the southern Hemisphere and is now launching its popularity across the USA where already fans are taking to the truck in droves.

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There have been four versions of Thunda the latest one being a brand new truck Build by monster truck Maestro Dan Patrick in Mid 2010.

The truck was then shipped 12000 km to Australia for just two appearances where our brilliant fabricator Lindsay Houston from LDI Kustom signs fitted the new multi piece body then it was shipped all the way back to Westville Indiana. Clive ran Outback Thunda in the USA for 2 seasons. The truck is now back in Australia and has been transformed into the Aussie version of The Legend Bigfoot.


Thunda is a Patrick Chassis
Thunda is powered by a 550 Big block Chevy
Thunda uses a two speed powerglide transmission
Thunda weighs approximately 7 1/2 tonne
Thunda drinks almost 100 litres of methanol (alcohol) at a average show
Thunda is most definately shaped from a horse.
Thunda's driver is Clive Featherby

Thunda in his different forms has contested in over 600 shows in Australia in every state and territory.

To book Outback Thunda for your event, contact Clive Featherby. Contact details are available on the Contact Us page.