Jaye Featherby

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Driver of:  Anything I am told to drive

Residence:  Glenview, QLD              

Birthplace:  Nambour, Qld            

Date of birth:  23/01/1994           

Years competing:  Since I was 14.        

Marital status: Dating   

Children:  1 on the way(not really), none, zero, absolutely not. 

Facebook Page Address?


How did you get started competing in Monster Trucks?  When I was 14 i was at a show in Toowoomba a few hours before the show, Dad got me up in the truck and showed me how to start it and told me to aim for the bonnets not the boots, ever since then I have been destroying Billy and Dad at freestyle and racing.


What do you enjoy doing while on the road with Monster Truck Promotions Australia? 


What do you do with your free time? In my free time you will find me on the beach either catching waves, going for a dip or just soaking up the sun.


What is your greatest memory as a monster truck driver? .


Do you have any pre-show rituals that you run though? 


If you were not driving Monster Trucks, what career path would you follow? Currently studying Bachelor of Business/science at USC.


What’s your favourite food? Banana


What’s your favourite movie? Anything with Sylvester or Arnie.


What’s your favourite television show? 


What’s your favorite color? Blue


Favorite Australian Venue? 


Favorite Freestyle Trick? Sky Wheelie.


What other roles do you do for Monster Truck Promotions Australia eg, Hellraisers Stunt Driver? Firewall fireworks operator.