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Spot the dog is by far one of the kids all-time favourite trucks.

A three D body, the body was designed and built by Lindsay Houston of Kustom Designs in Woodford Qld

Kids love the floppy ears and tail.

Spot visits many schools and shopping centres during the year for promotional visits.

Spot is powered by a 541 Big Block Chevrolet Engine, is fuel injected, supercharged and runs on Methanol Fuel.

Spot runs a Powerglide Transmission and proudly starts up its big Chevy engine every time with a Sponsored Powermaster Starter.

Spot originally came to Australia eight years ago from the Paul Shafer Motorsports stable of Monster trucks in Westville Indiana and has had many different body styles over the years.


Spot is proudly sponsored by Lucas Oil.


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A Real Kids Favourite including Floppy ears and a Pointy Tail

541 Chevy Motor

ProfabTransfer Case

 2 Speed Power Glide Transmission

New Mallory Magneto


Brand New Birch Remote Ignition Interupter Kill Radio System

Merchandise - Posters